Sanford R. Nalitt Institute for Cancer and Blood Related Diseases (Ambulatory Oncology)

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Housed within the Nalitt Institute is a 21-station outpatient chemotherapy treatment area and an outpatient oncology/hematology physician practice. A free standing hematology/oncology fellowship program was established in 2005. Supporting the treatment area and physician practice is an on-site laboratory, pharmacy, nutritionist, social workers, and financial assistants. The Nalitt Institute also provides professional as well as patient education programs, screenings, and contains the oncology research division for the hospital offering numerous clinical trials. The program is accredited by the ACoS and has full diagnostic and therapeutic services located at the same campus which includes a breast imaging center and a breast nurse navigator to assist patients. Other services include stereotactic

radiosurgery, bone marrow or stem cell transplantation, and complementary medicine. A palliative care program has been established to complement the hospital's University Hospice.

Nalitt Institute for Cancer & Blood-Related Diseases at the Staten Island University Hospital contact information:

Hereditary Cancer Genetics Program - Phone: (718) 226-6230, Fax: (718) 226-1247 Urologic Oncology - Phone: (718) 226-6031, Fax: (718) 226-1599 The Children's Cancer Center - Phone: (718) 226-6400, Fax: (718) 226-6434 Comprehensive Breast Center - Phone: (718) 226-8800 Colon and Rectal Surgery - Phone: (718) 226-6398, Fax: (718) 226-1247 Surgical Oncology - Phone: (718) 226-6398/(718)226-6790, Fax: (718) 226-1247

Hematology / Medical Oncology - Phone: (718) 226-6400

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