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Help is needed quickly

Since our last fundraiser in July, Kim's cancer has now spread to her femur - she currently has 6 inches on cancer on her bone. She has major surgery on  Friday, January 31, 2014 to remove her bone and replace titanium rod put in. Also the cancer has spread to her abdominal area. She goes into this major surgery. Please keep her in your prayers this Friday.

Due to these developments she was dropped from the Standford University trail.

For those of you who know and love Kim, funds are needed quickly. Anything you can donate is appreciated.

Also if you are able Kim could use assistance with rides to her doctor appointments, childcare for Christian, meals and prayers. Her surgery has a long recovery time and she and her family could use support.

In addition I'm collecting Frequent Flyer miles on United Airlines. These miles will be used to get her to her treatment. If you have miles you can donate please let me know. An international round trip ticket is 110,000 rewards points.

Thank you for your kind help.

God Bless You,


A big thank you all who helped raised $9,080 for Kim in July, 2013

Those funds were used in total to get Kim to Germany for treatment. With that money gone I'm looking to raise an additional $10,000 for new expenses. The total goal from the two fundraisers is $20,000.


This was from our fundraiser in July but gives a bit of background for those new to Kim's story.

Kim is in need of funds to cover the existing and ongoing medical bills related exclusively to the costs and care of her cancer treatment. The cost of these bills, as well as trying to raise a 5 year old boy, has become increasingly difficult as her treatments continue. At this point there is much more money going out then coming in. And until this fight this over and her cancer is pushed into remission, funds will be needed to help her get through this battle.

She is fighting not just for herself for but for her son. She will never give up because of her son.

Here are the details of her story.

Kim is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend.  A resident of Oak Park for most of her life, she is a local parent and parishioner.  Unfortunately, Kim also happens to be a stage four lung cancer patient, battling

a life-threatening disease with a grim prognosis.  But Kim is a fighter, and with the support of her friends, family and community, she has a chance to beat the odds and become something else: a survivor.

As a single mother, Kim has already faced numerous obstacles and challenges, and has always done so with grace.  In 2010, she was diagnosed with advanced metastatic lung cancer, and doctors gave her only months to live. Having never smoked, Kim was shocked and devastated to find out there was a tumor in her lung that might take her life.

Determined to somehow recover and continue to raise her son, who was only two years old, Kim sought out numerous second opinions, but kept hearing the same news - get your things in order, and prepare for the end.  Almost out of hope, Kim was miraculously accepted into a new program at MD Anderson Cancer Center  in Houston, Texas.  After treatment at MD Anderson, Kim saw little progress and looked for new treatment options.  She sought out clinical drug trials and was elated to be chosen for a study at UCLA last year.  As the study draws to a close, Kim has made some progress, but needs to continue fighting. No longer a candidate for radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, she now is turning to an experimental treatment program in Germany that has shown promising results in other patients with her particular type of cancer.

Armed with new hope and an iron will to watch her son grow up, Kim is preparing for her trip to Germany this summer.  However, the treatment is not covered by insurance, leaving Kim unable to handle alone the financial burden of the treatment that may be her last chance at survival. 

To assist Kim during this unimaginably difficult time, and to ultimately prepare a secure future for her son should Kim lose her battle, Kim's circle of support is collecting funds on her behalf to help her cover the cost of treatment and lodging in Germany.  Please show your support by giving what you can.

Her son will graduate from Kindergarten in a few weeks.  Please give her the most wonderful gift and donate.  As a Catholic community bound together to do God’s will, it is truly a privilege to lend our support to those among us in crisis.  If you cannot donate, please lend your support through prayer.  Thank you.

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