Breast Cancer Patient Sylvia Dies After Being Treated by Tullio Simoncini with Sodium Bicarbonate

On October 8, 2007 a Dutch breast cancer patient died in the Netherlands after she was treated with sodium bicarbonate injections by Tullio Simoncini. The cascade of events is subject to investigation by the department of public prosecution/the police and the Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate.
In his home country, Tullio Simoncini was banned from his medical profession for life. Also, he was convicted for fraud and wrongful death in 2003. For several years he has been practising alternative medicine in Italy and the Netherlands. Sometimes he rents room in ‘the Clinic for Preventive Medicine Berg en Bosch in Bilthoven’, Utrecht region, Netherlands. In this clinic, several alternative healers provide scientifically unproven therapies for cancer.

In December 2006, 58 year old Sylvia was diagnosed with breast cancer and was advised to undergo conventional therapy. She decided to give it a thought and visited several other doctors. Finally, she met Tullio Simoncini, who now states she never started sodium bicarbonate treatment with him.

According to her partner, Simoncini flew to the Netherlands and started treating Sylvia with

intratumoral sodium bicarbonate injections, with the help of an assistant. Sylvia received up to 20 injections in her breast tumor. Shortly thereafter she became sick and in a nearly dead state was towed out of her appartment by the fire department and presented at the first aid department of the Free University Medical Center of Amsterdam. There she died of metabolic alkalosis related disease soon after. The attending internist refused to sign the documents for a natural death and contacted the police. An autopsy revealed that Sylvia did not die of breast cancer. She had several injection spots on her blue and swollen mutilated breast.

Upon being contacted by the media in Italy, Simoncini claimed repeatedly that Sylvia had not been treated by him with sodium bicarbonate. However, several people, including personnel from the preventive clinic, confirm that she was treated by Simoncini. Simoncini’s anonymous support group frustrates news coverage in the media and tries to downgrade the event – “Your news will last for a day or two but we will always be there.”

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