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We are endlessly inspired by people who identify a problem or something in the world they wish was different, and spring into action, ready to solve it. From garage-bound dreamers to small business owners to community organizers to high level scientists and engineers, it's people who are energized by questions and run towards challenges that make this world go 'round.

Our friends at Team I Hate Cancer are just these kinds of folks. This "cancer-hating wrecking crew" was founded by brothers Michael and CJ Walsh with the express purpose of raising as much money as possible for cancer research. Over the years, they've become closely involved with LIVESTRONG and Movember, raising not only many thousands of dollars but also awareness around cancer and men's health issues. 

One of the main ways TIHC raises money is through cycling. In fact, the whole thing got started in 2006, when Mike decided to participate in a 70 mile LIVESTRONG ride in Austin, TX and raised nearly $3,000. He rode the following year in a 100 mile challenge and raised over $10K. From there, Mike knew he was really onto something and wanted to raise the bar. So in 2009, he set a goal of raising $15K for two rides (one in Philadelphia and one in Austin), and ended up raising nearly $17K! 

In 2009, CJ joined in the fun and each year since, the brothers have been running, riding, and organizing others to become part of Team I Hate Cancer. Every year, they set their fundraising goals higher and higher, creating buzz and excitement around their rides and other cool events. The Team has grown to four cyclist racers and over a dozen riders, and with the enthusiasm of their supporters and community, they've raised a staggering $223,857 for LIVESTRONG since 2006. People, that's almost a quarter million dollars - how rad is that?! They're also active participants of Movember, and have raised $24,351 since 2011 for that cause.

HubBub is a

proud sponsor of Team I Hate Cancer (our logo is even on their fancy spandex team jerseys!), and admire the tenacity, relentlessness and humor with which they approach their goals. And lucky for us, they love coffee! Our shops often act as a canteen for the Team - who wouldn't want a cold brew after a crazy long bike ride? 

All this week, we are partnered with TIHC on a fun little Instagram contest. Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day, so check it out! Here are the rules:

  • Each day, the team will send us their ride route or announce their ETA at a HubBub location, which we share via Instagram. 
  • They will stop at at least one HubBub shop during the course of their ride.
  • If you see someone from Team I Hate Cancer, snap a photo of them (paparazzi-style! don't worry, they love it) and post to Instagram, using the hashtag #HateCancerLoveCoffee
  • We'll pick one winner per day, who will receive a free growler of our cold brewed coffee.

Sounds like fun, right? And if you want to do more to help these awesome dudes on their quest to eradicate cancer, they're currently raising funds for the LIVESTRONG Challenge on October 18 (their 16th event with LIVESTRONG!). If you wish to donate, you can do so here: If you donate $100, you will get one of their fly t-shirts. Wearing a Team I Hate Cancer t-shirt is like being part of a secret club - you'll start to notice people all over the place with them. The designs are always great, but this year's is especially cool:

They'll also be at it again all November long for Movember - we'll share more info on that as it gets closer. For now, keep those cell phone cameras at the ready and your eyes peeled! If you glimpse TIHC zooming around or refueling at HubBub to hate cancer even harder, snap a photo and 'gram it for your chance to win!


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